Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Turn 1 Aftermath

General success, but a few overcommitments. Nothing stellar, considering history, but 'good enough'.

1. The North

Decent success for not much commitment. Have almost pushed to the coast, encircled a number of Soviets and will clean them up in the coming turn. Lots of clear land to push north and east, not really expecting any engagements other than cleanup.

2. The Salient/Minsk

Easily encircled the Soviet salient, which will be cleaned up this turn. Pushed most of the way to Minsk, forcing withdrawls. Will consolidate toward the Dnepr and set up supply lines, as per plan. Need to not be drawn into overcommitting - encircling large groups of troops if available is okay, but advancing for the sake of advancing without secured supply lines is not in the plan.

3. The South

Not quite enough speed to cut off a large group of troops, and almost forced my armoured divisions out of supply trying. Romanian troops are now active and will push slightly north, freeing up the armoured divisions to consolidate eastward. The rest of Romania will push east along the Black Sea coast, joined by the German armoured divisions. Will look at cutting off some of the Soviet troops to the west of the Dnepr.

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